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We are the makers of critical thinkers and Robust Intellectual Debaters!
The College of Humanities offers a wide array of innovative, enterprising degree programmes which are in line with the diversity of professions found in society.
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Our learning environment promotes and respects cultural, religious and political values and enhances student potential through participation and creativity.
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A few reasons, why you must... Choose the College of Humanities

Welcome to the College of Humanities. Our college, the largest at UKZN, comprises six schools namely:

The College is unique in that it offers degree programmes in both the traditional liberal arts and in professionally-oriented disciplines, in particular: Psychology, Social Work, Community Development, Architecture, Housing and Planning, Education, Music, Drama, Religion, Philosophy, Political Science and Cultural and Heritage Tourism.

With the increasing number of students passing Grade 12 in South Africa, our College has found itself the desirable destination for many young people who wish to pursue careers that will allow them to contribute positively in their lives, communities, the country and the world over.

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The School has 4462 registered students (undergraduate: 3635, postgraduate: 827 [honnours, masters and doctoral]). This cohort represent 9.3% of all the students registered at the University, and 20.2% of all students registered within the College of Humanities. By implication, on average, 4.1% more compared to the other 18 schools in the University, and 3.5% more compared to the other 5 schools in the College of Humanities
This School is a diverse and yet cognate set of schools and disciplines. It brings together the major languages of the region and a range of language and arts disciplines to generate creative, critical and transformatory responses to teaching, research and university service, outreach and the development of international links.
The School of Built Environment and Development Studies provides answers to some of the long-held questions regarding the relationship between the construction of physical infrastructure and the people who either have to use the infrastructure, or live in and around it locally and internationally. It is appropriately placed to work with both the national and local government in promoting the synergistic relationship between the built environment and social, economic, cultural, political and environmental development.
The new School of Education in a new South Africa carries the responsibility and obligation to respond to the inequalities and injustices inherited in the local context of the new university, the province and in the country; and simultaneously it must address the global, the continent of Africa, and the margin or periphery as part of the developing world. It has to do so in all areas of its core functions of research, teaching, learning and community engagement.
As a result of the College reorganisation undertaken by UKZN, a new college model was formed. This gave birth to the new School of Religion, Philosophy and Classics in the College of Humanities.
UKZN embarked on a reconfiguration process which gave birth to a College model. Within the College of Humanities, the School of Social Sciences was formed. The School is comprised of three former Schools: the School of Anthropology, Gender and Historical Studies; the School of Politics and the School of Sociology and Social Studies. It is fully operational on both Howard and Pietermaritzburg campuses.

BSS4 (Extended Curriculum Programme)

Humanities Extended Curriculum Programme

CAO Code: KN-H-SO4 (Howard College Campus) OR KN-P-SO4(Pietermaritzburg Campus)
Entry Requirements: NSC-Deg with Engl & LO 4
APS Range: 20/27
Duration: 4 YRS

An extended curriculum programme is a first degree or diploma programme that incorporates substantial foundational provision which is additional to the coursework prescribed for the standard programme. 


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College of Humanities 2021 Handbook


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